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PostWysłany: Czw 12:36, 15 Sie 2013    Temat postu: Refus of abst

Refus of abstruse gold coach pays damage 1 million bonus still are not had 1 year to solve by suspend sb from his duties on December 30, 2012 07:26 new capital sign up for me to want to participate in (0) original title: Refus of abstruse gold coach pays damage 1 million bonus still are not had 1 year to solve by suspend sb from his duties on March 1, of the 1 million bonus that new capital newspaper took the lead in reporting Wang Chengrong and group of Qinghai body industry contend for. Last year on December 28, wang Chengrong by suspend sb from his duties. Qinghai body is versed in one group informs Wang Chengrong reports bonus. Bark is in the home into flourish be unemployed, he beside it is honorary wall. The Wang Chengrong that new capital signs up for special correpondent Fan Yao to photograph 33 years old is a screw in system of Qinghai province sports, begin from 1989, he kept athlete experience and the record that 7 years trainer experiences 15 years in this system. Youth of this the Tu nationality is the person of the system that be benefited, experience, career, fortune and resource all originate this. He ever had imagined countless kinds of future, never had thought oneself are met however by this once is familiar with, all of frozen nowadays department of physical education is elbowed out come out. Was about to go 2012, wang Chengrong still is out of job in the home, live in solitude, pass joylessly. Bonus of a huge sum caused dispute low temperature and gale to will assault Qinghai to visit Xining town on December 28, double is in south the Wang Chengrong that closes a street to go up is covering with the hand auditive, complexion is very ugly. Because fail to saving sports bureau to find the person that he should seek, he feels grouchy, grunting all the time in the mouth: Delayed a year of time full, whats fail to solve. A year ago on December 28, qinghai province sports works Wang Chengrong received trainer of one a large body of to bark about be opposite the processing of Comrade Chengrong suspend sb from his duties decides. After 366 days, wang Chengrong still feels he punishs is a black humour: Did not see me get bonus namely, they distribute this fund presumably! Bark this bonus in flourish mouth is as high as one million four hundred and ninety-nine thousand one hundred yuan. Data showed bureau of Xining city statistic in December 2011, at that time house of this city commodity all valence is 3621 yuan / smooth rice, this is meant, even if in this western the central area of provincial capital city, the bonus that is close to 1.5 million yuan also can loosen to be bought loosely gently two above the 100 house property of smooth rice. Look in Wang Chengrong, of fortune attributive not allow controversy, there is the correspondence that ministry of sports of federation of disabled of a China offers in his hand, couplet of the incomplete in showing this is to the bonus that trainer of delegacy of sports of abstruse meeting China allotted Beijing incomplete 2008, and the host that he is bonus. 2005, in the actuating pressure inside Qinghai sports system not big Wang Chengrong is gone to by temporarily transfer Chinese incomplete abstruse management center,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], his honor turns bishop of project of national disabled middle-distance race into practice. 2008, the Wang Chengrong of trainer of Qinghai book track and field of the only on abstruse meeting leads Beijing remnant 6 team member take part in the match, obtain 3 gold 1 silver, break 2 worlds record, still have 3 before 8 result. This local coach to in incomplete couplet handed over a beautiful report. The bumper harvest of gold strategy also facilitated of commend make all-timely, according to Chinese disabled Zhang Honggu of natant team total coach discloses, the bonus of abstruse meeting makes an appointment with Beijing incomplete is Sydney incomplete 20 times of abstruse meeting, this is meant besides cautious and conscientious, scrupulously and respectfully outside using up the spirit with post, scientific training, outstanding achievement to reward, wang Chengrong still will obtain a very thick substance to reward -- October 2011, the individual bank that incomplete couplet becomes flourish to bark in collects one million four hundred and ninety-nine thousand one hundred yuan in card. The Wang Chengrong when meeting is lucky, but be misfortune. Be informed subordinate to win huge award, qinghai saves body to be versed in the team asks Wang Chengrong hands in bonus, undertake repartition by the organization. Wang Chengrong is right ranking stand to go alone especially very malcontent, I asked big round one, the coach of the other loan that visit town did not come up against me such hapless thing. Everybody cannot take away the money of my individual. Bark into flourish such strong cause has 3: Incomplete couplet has in confirm letter; Bonus assembles individual account; The unit does not have relevant provision before this. Holding to this is the organization has no right the individual award of bother about,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], wang Chengrong does not give expect ground by suspend sb from his duties. Incomplete of Wang Chengrong's child, Beijing abstruse meeting Zhang Zhen says two golden winners: Achievement is so good, I still think Qinghai respect can give bark coach a few award, did not think of to be just the opposite to what one wished. Bring a lawsuit against into Beijing without result and the Cheng Rong that return bark ever also entered Beijing to bring a lawsuit against to national sports total bureau, gotten answer is: Total bureau has no right to handle stake issue I did not think of the issue will be more and more serious. The development of a got-up affair lets Wang Chengrong only then makings do not, suspend sb from his duties, stop hair salary and welfare pay to just begin. 2012 on Feburary 7, on Feburary 13, mixed on Feburary 21 on Feburary 23, wang Chengrong receives an unit 4 times to inform continuously, point to very clear: Will medium incomplete couplet infiltrates the bonus amount of your individual account appears in the newspaper according to the facts. What must carry is, wang Chengrong ever said less when refer bonus amount 600 thousand, and be in in the stake that incomplete couplet saves sports bureau to send case to affirm Wang Chengrong to Qinghai is near 1.5 million when, this trainer is immersed in passivity in moral level immediately, the related side condemns him to hide inactive and prevaricate, inimical, to organize and leading distrust, cannot frank and sincere. Aeriform pressure affected bark becomes the family of flourish, wife Sun Yingjie of Wang Chengrong is former times the n/COL the head of a family female role of project of middle-distance race of day China woman, the Asia Game was mixed 5000 meters 2002 winner of 10000 meters of gold, ceng Yu denounced firewood to coach Wang Dexian 2005, below the add fuel to the fire of media, sun Yingjie took 600 thousand yuan to mix be located in a beyond 5 annulus of Beijing 70 smooth rice housing. The successful experience of the wife let Wang Chengrong get instructive apparently, he also tries to appeal at public opinion. On March 1, of the 1 million bonus that new capital newspaper took the lead in reporting Wang Chengrong and group of Qinghai body industry contend for, the interest that saves Qinghai interior of all of department of physical education allocated problem booth to be before the public. The next day, qinghai saves body to be versed in one group saves the report that signs up for with respect to new capital on net of sports bureau official to make circumstance specification in Qinghai, explained the reason that presses to barking Cheng Ronglian add applies: Wang Benren regards a country as the staff member accountability report the real case that includes the field such as income of working performance, premium according to the facts to the unit. And in undergraduate games, farming carry in last few years games of meeting, minority, city carries on the large games such as the meeting, group all outside clique trainer, the report all also is made to the group after clique trainer answers a team outside. Meanwhile, qinghai saves body to be versed in one group took out the money award that made on January 16 to distribute intent program: Of bonus forehead 50% give Wang Chengrong, the 30% trainer that give Liaoning, Jiangsu, Yunnan and about share staff, 10% to Qinghai the couplet that save remnant is concerned share staff, 10% reach a researcher to rear service of a large body of, field. Qinghai saves body to be versed in one group respect still emphasizes, what Wang Chengrong takes an athlete to all be provincial already fostered old world fine athlete, ever had won championship in the whole nation and world competition. The meaning below character is to bark Cheng Rong is one of heroes only, enjoy bonus of this a huge sum alone without influence. Went to disclose of unit interior thing socially, the leader is more dissatisfactory to me. Bark becomes flourish consciousness have no way to back down, can argue strongly only, the cent recipe case that he thinks superior is made is unfair, did not hand in the regulation of 50% before, I got bonus first, it sets again how to allocate, is this act shamelessly? It seems that, both sides does not have assuasive leeway. On April 11, wang Chengrong, Sun Yingjie's couple goes to Beijing to bring a lawsuit against to national sports total bureau, those who experience 7 days await, they got final answer: Total bureau has no right to handle stake issue, suggest Wang Chengrong saves a letter to visit a branch to reflect a condition to Qinghai. Wang Chengrong says, he ever saved a letter to visit a branch to write a letter to Qinghai, result disappear forever. Car sale inn hits chore to be out of job in the home, faineant,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bark is invited friendlily into Rong Shoupeng went to Xining city inn of sale of a car works 28 days afternoon, the weather of depressed chill lets the child that Wang Chengrong worries about to leave in the care of is in sister home, went to a supermarket buying Aoteman to the son toy and snacks, he drive car is driven toward distance Xining of 190 kilometers civilian with the county in plain countryside, that also is his native place, 3 sisters still live in the country up to now. Just arrive at civilian with town district, wang Chengrong came up against heavy snow, he says to the reporter, leng Xue lets road of hill of return to one's native place become slip again hard,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], so the decision lives to go late again in the county, he says from ridicule: I now is idler, have a plenty of time. Still omit aspect in Qinghai province physical culture school and Qinghai when industry group makes an athlete, wang Chengrong of boy of the Tu nationality everyday training density is 2 arrive 3 times, everyday training gross achieves 50 kilometers. After retiring, become Qinghai to save body to be versed in the Wang Chengrong of team trainer also does not feel relaxed, the distance of the ground is close to the home and much Becky 30 kilometers, rise early to return late, can rest a long time only every week, the word that uses a wife says, he can be a very busy person. Go out occasionally assemble for training, on holidays also cannot come home. Sun Yingjie says. Qinghai saves body to be versed in the announcement of suspend sb from his duties of the team made Wang Chengrong rapid leave to go, in former days busy person became an unoccupied person. April, bark is in 3 ground of Xining, Beijing, Shenyang to go there and back into flourish couple, he has not felt to have what change, but after returning Qinghai, it is good to hit upon the Wang Chengrong of big time often does not know to should do bit of what, took care of the child to become the first class major issue in the life, available now and then, he can go downstair stadium walks up a few rounds, do not have other activity again. Compare with photograph of the beginning of the year, he is very fast fat 56 jins. In the day that be out of job, wang Chengrong once tried to look for some of thing to do. July, his friend old horse is in Xining city city east the area opened a car to sell store, the old horse looks for Wang Chengrong actively to help, wang Chengrong also jump at: The friend sees me is really too idle, total hold back is in the home, the mood is bad also, think to me thing seeking a site is done. In this day department car sells store, wang Chengrong need not be worn installing, those who take is fixed salary, every months 3000 yuan, keep a copy, but reward without deduct a percentage from a sum of money. Wang Chengrong feels fresh, go up 7 days every week class, particularly active,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], what to just begin to also do not understand, always make mistake, but slowly ripe, I feel I am done quite well. Wang Chengrong feels satisfactory oneself. The old horse says to the reporter, wang Chengrong's outstanding achievement calculates in new personality pretty good, in the time of 4 months, long-distance running master sportsman and this gold coach sell gave 78 cross-country cars, total sales is close 3 million yuan. November the middle ten days of a month, wang Chengrong's child got heavy cold, him Sun Yingjie is taken care of come nevertheless, he stopped the work, come home help, also did not answer inn to go to work again. I had said with my friend, always helping then in him is not long plan. I must think way, cannot always so waiting for. To next, wang Chengrong still does not have a plan it seems that. Old friend people hiding of he and sudden arrival, the free look of depression making a person is compared, the awkwardness on socialization more make Wang Chengrong feels unwell 23 years come, wang Chengrong visits the feel just like a fish in water in all of department of physical education in Qinghai, but as most as home athlete is same, his circle is not broad, my majority friend is sports in the circle, because I am so old,be encircled in sports all the time. Wang Chengrong's home is in Qinghai to visit the center of all of department of physical education,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all round there is stadium, badminton house, tennis house, Qinghai to visit guesthouse of sports of city of sports lottery management center, Xining and shop of of all kinds sporting goods inside distance of 3 minutes. Here, wang Chengrong can be regular the ground comes up against the colleague previously, letting what he indissolubles is, it seems that everything produced change. Wang Chengrong says to the reporter, after the contradictory be brought into the public since he and group of industry of Qinghai province body, a few old friend and old colleague, see him aloof, twist a head to go like avoiding plague. It is to have a meal together previously drinking good brother, at ordinary times keep no secrets from each other, did not talk with me actually now. Wang Chengrong can anounce forced smile only to this, such thing has a lot of times, I had been written down not clear, you say I am not bomb, do they hide why on earth am I so far? Wang Chengrong revealed a hair to the reporter from December the faceless short message of the middle ten days of a month, have such words and expressions among them: After you leave from the unit we want to sit with you very much, want to call to you very much send his respects to, but unit leader lets some people inform us to cannot be contacted with you, by detector have to come off sentry duty. Wang Chengrong says, he wants to know very much, this is the care that which friend delivers, but dial this number several times, be in from beginning to end close plane position. After producing this job, wang Chengrong professes to be able to understand the way of friends, I now is a sensitive personage, friends are done so, I think also is to protect his. Wang Chengrong is saying to understand on the mouth, but his friend says, bark becomes flourish or the state that fail to get used to live in solitude, his from the start had not thought he can leave courtyard, base and stadium suddenly. This huge sports system ever let him feel familiar with safety, his passion to this one system and be thankful to also can peep from inside a variety of detail just a little: Bark becomes the marriage certificate that flourish and Sun Yingjie kick off to was gotten that day in Beijing Olympic Games, the son's birthday also will be on August 8, with Chinese gymnastic great time happens to have the same view. Small letter setting of Wang Chengrong is the bird's nest of lights brightly lit, in the home that is located in village of garden of century of Xining city Olympic Games in them, filled up with 2 people of husband and wife the classical picture of professional career, nearly 100 medal are put inside a tailor-made vitreous showcase, fu Wa of mascot of Beijing Olympic Games is placed in prominent place, also be shown originality even vestibular lamp ground design became an Olympic Games 5 annulus mark. Visit a leader again fail to get or achieve what one wanted is done not have to stop make a stand against by the Wang Chengrong of suspend sb from his duties, but the result that did not get satisfaction up to now after the London Olympic Games August, system of Chinese athletics sports receives the important hour of interest repartition again. The sports figure with Qinghai the right now most popular province is woman of London Olympic Games the bronze medal winner of 20 kilometers walk cuts elder sister of in relief assorted, outside be being rewarded except of all kinds spirit, this is born in Qinghai to saved the rural little girl of county of comfort of sea of sea north city to win 600 thousand yuan material award at least. Qinghai trainer barks Cheng Rongjian faded out of the line of sight of people gradually, but the negotiation that he did not abandon omiting sports bureau aspect with Qinghai. Wang Chengrong last time and official connection are to be in this year in June the annulus Qinghai lake of end before cycle track, this match is Qinghai provincial one of platform of business of 3 big move, also be the significant move of Qinghai of conduct propaganda of government of Qinghai provincial Party committee, province, bark is headed for right now into flourish choice be in charge of undertaking the bureau of Qinghai province sports of this match, also have grant the intention that press. Wang Chengrong's couple and the conversational process that save Feng Jianping of sports bureau director are unpleasant. According to Wang Chengrong's view, although Feng Jianping admits to do not have relevant file really, but the manner did not become loose, ask Wang Chengrong hands in bonus, ability continues to talk about other issue. Feng Jianping discloses to the reporter in the phone, make him very dissatisfactory is, wang Chengrong's couple browbeats actually he, they say to want to surpass the spot to play motto in annulus lake, I say you go, I am not afraid of. Wang Chengrong saves sports bureau to visit a director at will heading for Qinghai on December 28, but Feng Jianping is outer attend a meeting, let him attack empty. Appeared so the one act of article begin. Subsequently Wang Chengrong is headed for much cling to Education Foundation of national highland sports, preparation looks for ranking leader, Qinghai to save body to be versed in Yang Haining talks about team leader of one a large body of again, result again fail to get or achieve what one wanted, he is unavoidable some are depressed. Save the practice of sports bureau respect to Qinghai, beijing damage assumes when track and field of abstruse meeting China runs jump carry also has the Yang Xiang of group leader of a group make known one's position, he calls Qinghai respect practice not proper, they ask Wang Chengrong hands in bonus, be figure of Qinghai having damage. 28 days, the Feng Jianping that just attends meeting of complete state system Director Yo emphasizes to the reporter in the phone, bureau of Qinghai province sports is very clear to the manner of this matter, should according to the bonus allocation plan of the beginning of the year handled affairs 2012, wang Chengrong refus is at present inobservant relevant provision, bring about this thing to be able to be put only. This year March, yang Haining ever also expressed when accepting a reporter to interview, the progress circumstance of this thing should depend on Wang Chengrong's manner. Jin Shan of director of research center of culture of sports of Beijing society academy of sciences publishs an opinion to say, this case should become sports section to establish the turning point of relevant system, the allocation of match bonus often can cause sporting world interior to contradict, come as market economy, the interest related sports is contradictory diversity, intense change inevitable, should establish system sex regulation as soon as possible. ■ write down what received Qinghai to save body to be versed in one group allots on December 28, 2011 one year to bark about be opposite the processing of Comrade Chengrong suspend sb from his duties decides on Feburary 7, 2012, on Feburary 13, mixed on Feburary 21 received an unit 4 times to inform continuously on Feburary 23, ask its will be medium gold of award prize of incomplete couplet place appears in the newspaper to went to Beijing to bring a lawsuit against to national sports total bureau on April 11 according to the facts, without result and return end and Qinghai saved bargaining of Feng Jianping of sports bureau director in June, the word is not congenial to Xining city a car will sell inn to work in July, 4 months marketted 78 cross-country cars November shutdown, not inn of farewell car sale goes to work to will head for Qinghai to save sports bureau to visit a director on December 28, attacked empty; Want to look for Qinghai to save body to be versed in later bargaining of Yang Haining of one group team leader, again special subject of fail to get or achieve what one wanted interviews and write new capital to sign up for Xining of reporter Fan Yao to report new capital signs up for cartographer spring thunder (responsibility edits: Wei Anming)

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